Best things to do in Seocho - Seoul - South Korea

Seocho is a wonderful neighborhood with a lot of things to do around if you stay with E-livingtel.

Here is a quick map of interesting things to do around Seocho and Gangnam.

MontMarte Park - Rabbit Park - 10 min

Also known as the rabbit park, this park is huge, clean and full of little rabbit, foreigners, and dogs to pet.

Seorae Village – 10 min

It’s a French village, full of typical restaurants and beautiful architecture.

Express Bus Terminal – 15 min

Want to travel in Korea? This is the place to go, but the best part it’s the GOTO Mall the biggest underground mall in South Korea and also the cheapest place for your shoppings.

Banpo Hangang Park – 20 min

Known as the best Hanriver view, perfect for bicycle rides and to watch the view. Get a drink with your friends and a picnic by the Hanriver margin.

The place also has food fairs on Saturday’s with food trucks.

Gangnam – 25min

The downtown of Seoul, and also the scenery for many videoclips and shopping zones. Visit the place for shopping, eating and visiting the best-themed cafes. Also full of nightclubs.

Seoul Arts Center – 20 min

If you’re visiting Seoul this is definitely one of the places you should visit, the place if filled with art, theater plays, opera, philharmonic and many traditional dances.

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